Post Office

The U.S. Post Office


Lower Taxes. Less Spending.

It will be so nice when America Inc. takes over and ends any public

services we enjoy today. The U.S. Constitution seeks to promote the

General Welfare – stuff like roads, snowplows, flood rescue, sending

stuff around with a U.S.P.S stamp on it. Well, America Inc. may not

see how they can earn a profit on delivering U.S. Mail. So, cut your

losses. Cut Spending. Lower Taxes. That’s the ticket. Don’t worry. You

will just love America Inc. running  things around here. Our tough

economy caused by hot lunches for school kids, milk cartons at school

for little black and brown youngsters and paying money to working

folks to deliver our mail – well, all that kinda stuff will be stopped

by America Inc.

That’s It. Stay Tuned.


News Report


About pictureamerica

JOHN LONGENECKER, DGA Director / Cinematographer Academy Award Winner

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